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Style & Beauty Services

Ignite your Style!

Wardrobe Wake Up

$320 (3 Hours approx).

A Wardrobe Wake Up is vital and the basis to completing a more stylish you. Taking place in your own home, I start this session with a mini Body Type & Colour Analysis to educate you on the best styles and colours to wear. I will then assist you in having a good clear out to create more structure within your wardrobe so that items are more accessible and coordinating. 

This session is a fun but informative way to help you see the potential in clothing you may already have but never wear, along with my recommendations of items needed to fill in the gaps. I will take photos along the way for you to look back on for outfit ideas. The result will be a fabulous more organised wardrobe that is full of renewed outfit choices that once you start wearing, will absolutely help you look and feel confident and stylish.

Colour & Make Up Analysis

$180 (1.5 Hours approx)

Find out how colour can play a huge part in refreshing and revitalising your complexion. Keeping the process simple and interesting, you will learn what colours not to wear and the optimum colour palette to help you look fresh, more youthful and awake.

Digitally created colour drapes are placed around the face and shoulders and working through each colour palette, I will help you see how colour can play a huge part in defining your facial features, accentuate your eye colour and optimise your complexion. The benefit being a more glowing, youthful and radiant look each time you choose to wear your perfect colours!

I am still amazed at how wearing certain colours has such a positive effect on my clients. I LOVE colour! 

This session also includes my advice on which make up colours to choose along with a short make up application so you can leave feeling radiant!

(Colour Swatch available to take home for an additional $15).

Make Up Masterclass

$150  Individual (1.5 Hours approx)

Small Group Sessions also available. (Price on application).

If you have been doing your make-up the same way for the past 100 years, this session is a fun way of learning the basics and update your look.Starting with a short skincare lesson to prepare the skin followed by step-by-step application using yours and my cosmetics, I will have you well on your way to creating your own gorgeous, more youthful make up look.

Along the way I will offer suggestions and recommendations of products you may require to complete your skincare and cosmetic routine.

Why not get some bubbly in, invite a few girlfriends along and spend a few hours of girly make up fun?

Please get in touch...

I love helping women over 40 regain their style confidence. My sessions are informative, affordable and enlightening but most importantly fun. My focus is on you and how we can work together to achieve your desired look, find your true style and give you back your confidence. No longer will you feel overlooked or invisible, no matter your body type or age.

If you would like more information on any of my sessions or you would like to get to know me before proceeding to work together, please click the button below for your FREE 15 minute consultation call.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Mobile: 0444 554 747