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Client Reviews

Some of my happy client reviews....

"At turning 50 I had been unwell and out of work for the past 4 years. When I was working I would sort through and refresh my wardrobe regularly but due to my illness I no longer had the energy and found the thought of doing it myself very daunting. So, I contacted Nicola who came to my house and did her Wardrobe Wake Up session with me. I had many corporate clothing items that I no longer needed but was holding onto. Nicola bought a lovely energy along that day and she was so lovely to work with. She was so understanding of my illness and my mindset whilst being positive and I learned a lot about my wardrobe and myself. Nicola helped me think about putting different colours together, ones I had never thought of putting together before and she helped me realise that I actually had some new outfit ideas just by doing this simple exercise. My wardrobe is now much more streamlined, organised and most importantly, more interesting and colourful! Thank you so much Nicola".
Michelle -Lewisham, London

"Thank you Nicola for an amazing Wardrobe Wake-Up session with me recently.

I have to admit I was anxious having someone come into my home and see all my messy wardrobe but you completely put me at ease. This experience was so positive and it was something I really needed.  Initially Nicola did a mini Style and Colour session to ascertain the best colours for me to wear and to establish and teach me all about my body shape. After losing a lot of weight over the last few years (from a size 22 to now a size 12/14), my shape had totally changed but it soon became clear once Nicola and I went through my clothes, that I was hanging on to the past as I was still wearing items that were oversized and just too big and baggy for my figure. Nicola explained that this is very common for women who have reduced their body size, mainly because they no longer know what styles or sizes are actually more flattering for their new found figure. This then creates a lack of confidence which I now understand is how I was feeling. Together, we worked item by item through my wardrobe and I managed to get rid of those old, worn and saggy items that were truly not working. Nicola then organised what I had left, made up a list of shopping items that were required to fill in the gaps or items I was needing such as t-shirts, underwear and much needed trousers. I now feel much more organised and have clarity when selecting an outfit. In turn, this whole experience has helped me feel so positive and I have a new found confidence in knowing what now works and looks great for my body and complexion. Thank you Nicola".
Laurie - Richmond, London 

Absolutely loved my Make Up Masterclass recently with Style Beyond Forty. Nicola was fantastic and made my one to one session with her fun, informal but also very enlightening. I had been wearing the same make up for many years, always the same old colours and not very good at putting it on. Being in the menopause, I was starting to feel frumpy and my skin has changed to look more sallow but Nicola helped me understand about good skincare, sun protection and anti ageing products. Then after the initial skincare, Nicola showed me step by step how to apply my own make up with her by my side. It was a wonderful experience and I only wished I had done this years ago!

Lucy - London

"As a constant black wearer I found my Colour Analysis session with Nicola a life changer! I could see the colours bring my face to life!"
Cornelia - Richmond, UK

"I learnt some great tips in regards to colours, make-up and clothing to suit my body shape. Nicola made me feel completely at ease and her friendly nature made the session fun".
Chloe - London

"I must admit I was nervous but Nicola, your down to earth and friendly approach helped me to enjoy a fabulous day. You have given me my spark back and this process has truly changed my life for the better".

Serena - Croydon, UK

"Nicola was extremely friendly and welcoming and understood our requirements completely - it was a really enjoyable and informative session which I would definitely recommend!! " 
Liz (Colour Party)

"It was lovely, great fun day spent with my girlfriends and Nicola was so welcoming and friendly. I learned a lot about colour and how it can enhance our complexion. ."  

Linda  (Colour Party)

"I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough. She had great knowledge about all thing style related and was extremely professional and approachable. It honestly was like having a chat about clothes with an old friend! Nicola completely challenged my ideas about dressing and has made me see myself, my body and the shops in a whole new way. I am very excited to get dressed every day now. I feel empowered to make great choices both from my wardrobe and with each new purchase. One session has transformed my whole outlook! Anyone thinking about doing this but thinking that it may be too embarrassing or intimidating banish those thoughts! Nicola will put you at ease and help you be the fashionable and fabulous person you want to be. Thanks so much!"
Ruth - London 

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