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More About Nicola 

Training and working as a Style & Beauty Coach in London for over six years has been an absolutely amazing experience. Working with women from all walks of life has enabled me to understand the different issues women face when it comes to body confidence, image and self esteem. As I always say, to have great style is not just about the clothes, it is about how clothing makes you feel inside. If your mindset is a negative body image, no matter what clothing choices you make, you just will not feel confident!

So, I am here to help you break through the negative mindset, get you out of the 'style rut' that so many women go through (especially in mid-life) and help you realise you can look stylish every day which in turn boosts your confidence. My belief is that every woman deserves it!

From the age of forty through to mid 50's, women experience peri-menopause then menopause, which can cause changes to our minds and bodies. These changes can mean many women lose confidence with their appearance and no longer feel confident in choosing the right styles of clothing. If that’s not enough, our complexion starts to alter along with some lovely ‘expression lines’ developing (notice I didn’t say ‘wrinkles’?).  

Due to health issues I was plunged into early menopause at the age of 46 and with that came the hormone changes that affect women so much. Hot flushes, disturbed sleep, mood swings and also lowered confidence levels that really affected how I felt about myself.

Because I have experienced the above, I know how women really feel and I can totally resonate with any woman that is experiencing lowered self esteem due to these changes.

Working already as a Style & Beauty Coach, I felt now that I had to do something to help other women going through the same experiences as me so that's when Style Beyond Forty was born! Even if menopause is not your issue at present, this 'midlife' stage is where many women can lose their confidence and get into a 'style rut'. 

My approach is a non-pushy, non-judgemental but inspiring way. A stylist should definitely be a compassionate person but also have the skills to help you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst you go through the entire process.

I have loved helping women over forty and those experiencing menopause reignite their personal style. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I feel I could do with some help in understanding more about my body type?

Do I feel dowdy and think my clothes are dull , boring and lacking colour?

Do I struggle to put an outfit together and end up throwing on the nearest thing?

Is my wardrobe unstructured, mixed up and not in line with my unique personality?

Do I find it hard to part with certain clothes in my wardrobe?

Would I like to wear more colour so I can look and feel radiant and more youthful?

Have I been doing my make up the same way for the past 30 years?

I am sure you have answered YES to a few of these questions so maybe it IS time to take back control of your wardrobe, gain focus, clarity and transform yourself to the amazing, stylish woman that you deserve to be. I believe every woman deserves it! 

Nicola x

0444 554 747