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Travel Washing Nailed In 4 Steps

So, the Summer holidays are upon me and so far the weather has been far from what I know as summer. I guess that's what you expect when you decide to start the holiday with two days camping in Wales (note that I did write 'camping' and not 'glamping'). 

Would you believe those two days were actually warm and sunny to start with? We were all even on the beach, sunning ourselves, enjoying the sunshine and warmth, kids swimming in the ocean. Alas, as night two came around that dramatically changed to night long rainfall. Thanks to my experienced camper friend who made an excellent job of putting up the tent. Not one of us got a drop wet.

Back from Wales and now in the beautiful Swiss Alps where the weather has been rather erratic. Arrival day it was a lovely humid 31 degrees but each day since has been such a mixture of sunshine, fog, mist, light rain, heavy rain and even hail. 

Currently I have wet, soggy clothes hanging about our apartment trying to get it all dry. 

As there is no washing machine or dryer in our accommodation, I've also resorted to doing some hand washing.  With this in mind,  I thought this blog post should be about the steps I take in doing holiday clothes washing. I am sure you have all done the same when travelling. Haven't you?

Step 1

Pack a little container of washing powder to bring on your travels. As I usually only ever take cabin baggage on my travels, it needs to be a small amount (I do sometimes wonder if the airport security checks might pick it up...white powder could look suspicious but I'm sure if they open and smelled the container it would be a give away that it's not something untoward). I have to admit that if I've forgotten washing powder I use shampoo instead.

Step 2

Wash clothing by hand in the bathroom sink, bath or kitchen sink (if you have one in your accommodation).  Then give it all a good rinse with cold, running water to ensure all the soap is rinsed thoroughly.

Step 3 

Once I rinse each item, I then wring it out. A tip here is to grab a dry towel and place the clothing on the towel. Lay it flat if possible then roll the towel and the clothing up. This way the towel absorbs most of the moisture without having the clothing dripping wet.

Step 4

Once unrolled, give it a good shake to minimise creasing and hang the clothing onto the clothes wrack. I've shown mine here which is inside but if it was a nice sunny day or I had a sunny balcony area I would put it all in the sun to dry. That's the beauty of holidaying somewhere warm and sunny as it all dries a lot quicker and usually I would have thinner fabrics that dry in no time.

Thankfully this lot all dried overnight inside our apartment so between the three of us we have another day or two of clean t-shirts and underwear. 

I must say, this doesn't always mean less washing when I get home. There seems to be endless loads of washing on our return. Don't really understand how that happens but at least it means I can pack lighter and take fewer clothes in my suitcase when setting off. 

What do you normally do when travelling? Do you always go to a laundry and not do hand washing? Or do you pack enough clothes for every single day of your trip and leave all the laundry until you get back home? If you have any tips for travel washing I'd love to hear them so do leave your comments below.

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