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How to do Breton Style Chic

The Breton - do you actually know the meaning? I know I didn't until a few years ago, I would have just referred to these tops as stripey! The word 'breton' means from Brittany in France but the striped breton shirt that we know today came about in the 1800's after being introduced as the uniform to the French navy seaman in Brittany.

A breton can be styled casually with jeans, casual trousers, ballet pumps and fashionably with trainers and sneakers. Plus it looks really Parisian chic styled up with a fitted pencil skirt or pleated skirt, cinched at the waist with belt, glamorous accessories or short tied neck scarf. 

Phase Eight Carrie Stripe Top

Phase Eight Danika Stripe Top
Wallis Navy Blue Side Tie Top
Wallis Navy Stripe Bardot Top

To me the breton and striped designs ooze elegance and whichever style you opt for, the breton really is an all time style classic that can be worn by all sizes and ages. Voila!

Me in my breton top from Cara London about to dive into some yummy Swiss bakery items!

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