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A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of playing model for the day for online clothing label The Bias Cut.com

As a follower of the company on Instagram and Facebook, I received their email asking for ladies to put themselves forward to do some modelling for their Spring/Summer campaign. The founder of the company, Jacynth Bassett, prefers to use normal, every day women with REAL figures to advertise the clothing line. So, I thought it could be a fun experience and signed up. A week or so later I was accepted as one of the models.

Me with the ladies
In a funky studio in London, six of us ladies chatted away whilst each one in turn had their make up done by the talented make up artist, Nikola. It was actually lovely to be on the receiving end of some pampering I have to say!

Nikola working her magic.
The whole afternoon was a really relaxing, chilled out experience, nothing like I had imagined. When I think of models and photo shoots I imagine a stiff, rushed and stressful experience involving lots of checking each other out head to toe and secret judgement. No way did I feel like this, what a lovely bunch of women and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and chatting with all of them. 

Jacynth and her fab photographer, Katie Frost, made us all feel so welcome and extremely comfortable and Jacynth's mum, Marilyn, and boyfriend David were also involved and very hands on helping with preparing the clothes and organising refreshments. Very much a family business!

The Bias Cut began in 2015 with Jacynth launching her blog for women who know 'age shouldn't limit style'. Offering style tips and discussions on age appropriate clothing and the issues that women face,
plus saddened by her own mum's frustration and struggle to find stylish clothing styles that were not boring and unflattering (a huge issue for women of mid life), Jacynth decided to launch a line of clothing which is The Bias Cut.

With the belief that 'no woman is ever invisible or irrelevant', The Bias Cut offers classic and eclectic, high quality clothing that doesn't date along with being flattering for most figure types. What I like about the website is that you can shop by body type such as Curvy, Petite, Pear etc, which is definitely helpful. 

Along with clothing, accessories, bags and shoes are also available. I particularly love the cosmetic bags. Really cute and colourful designs.

Azur Black Sandals

Pewter Croc Cross Body Bag

Me - POM Coat
Baum Trousers

Valerie - Pazuki Parrot Blouse
(own trousers)

Diane Silk Dress
Like Jacynth, I believe there really is a massive void in the fashion industry for the over 40's/50's and beyond. This would be the biggest complaint from my clients, they just feel really stuck and overwhelmed with 'fashion' because it doesn't always cater for their body type and proportions. 

Clients common issues with fashion are;

1. finding the right length in dresses & skirts
2. quality fabrics that don't contribute to the hot flushes of menopause
3. great fitting trousers that enhance and disguise in all the right places
4. shirts that skim and flatter the body that don't gape at the breast
5. clothing that isn't 'throw away' after one season
6. not knowing if something they choose is too young or too old

I really feel for these women, it can be so overwhelming out there but its fantastic to know that slowly there is a shift with more and more labels providing solutions to these above problems. 

When you I think about age, it really is just a number (I'm almost 50 and don't feel a day over 30 plus I've convinced myself that 50 is the new 30!). It really is time us women accepted our bodies, no matter what age and size and with the help of labels like The Bias Cut  realise that we can all look and feel stylish every day. 

Unfortunately, the end of the photo shoot came and I felt actually quite sad to say goodbye to Jacynth and the other amazing women. I had such a great day being pampered and playing dress up for an afternoon. But I also took with me a sense of great admiration for what Jacynth is doing to help the over 40's when it comes to fashion. She has such passion and drive for a young woman of 24. To want to help not only her mum but all women in mid life find great style is really inspirational and I know she will be a great success.

If you would like to read more or follow Jacynth go to: www.the-bias-cut.com
You can also follow her on Facebook @Ageism Is Never In Style for tips and information

Ageism is Never In Style!

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  1. Lovely to see this article. Beautiful photos!

  2. Lovely to have met you Nicola, it was a fabulous day and experience. I too have a lot of admiration for Jacynth and what she is doing for us women aged 40plus!