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Hi ladies. So, with Valentine's Day almost upon us, this week's post could be really useful for you. If you are lucky enough to be wined and dined next Tuesday, my suggestions below could really help you if you are looking at purchasing a new outfit, or if you want to feel really confident in something you already own but haven't been sure if it does actually flatter your body. 

I did have to laugh after last week's blog as one reader on my Instagram post commented that she thought she was more of a Butternut pumpkin than any of the other body types! Well, I have to say that's definitely a unique vegetable to compare your body to.

I think it's kind of cute to use the vegetables and fruits as a guide and I can relate to using the names. For some strange reason I seem to have a habit of comparing everything to food. When conducting my Colour Analysis sessions I always use food to explain the tone or brightness & darkness of colours. Cadbury's Purple, Salmon Pink and Pumpkin Orange are just a few terms I use to explain what the colour reminds me of and it really helps.

Following on from my last blog post about 'The 5 Body Types and How to Find Yours', this week I will guide you through the individual shapes and include  images of examples you can work with.


This body type tends to lack curves so you need to create them by softening the shape and defining the waist.

Tops - Use layering to create interest and form. Angular necklines work well and waisted style and wrap styles with a tie waist help create the illusion of a waist. Soft, floaty fabrics and a peplum (or frill) to the waist and hip area is great for creating shape.

Trousers - Structured fabrics and a wide leg, even flare leg will help to give the illusion of curve. Try also wide Palazzo pants and boyfriend jeans.

Skirts - Straight and wrap style skirts in structured fabrics will compliment the body but also an A-line style will create curve and shape.

Dresses - Shirt dresses that tie at the waist, wrap style with tie waist and A-line/full skirts are perfect once again to create the illusion of curves. You could try a pleated style (very fashionable these past few seasons) but wear a fitted top so that you are creating and enhancing your waist.

Jackets - Crisp, structured jackets that are fitted at the waist with pocket detailing & angular lapels. Waterfall styles (top centre) are great as they create a softening if you are very angular.

Accessories - A belt is your go to accessory for this body type as they help to enhance and create a waist. Try a leather sash style belt (fashionable this season) or wear thin style belts to enhance the waist. 

Avoid: Blocky, shapeless & straight styles of clothing as this will accentuate your Rectangle shape.


Your aim is to balance your narrower top half and your wider bottom half by accentuating your shoulders & bust and minimising your hips, thighs & bottom

Tops - You need to have the attention on your top half to take away the attention on your bottom half. Try structured styles that emphasise your shoulders & bust. For example, capped sleeves, gathered sleeves, halter necks, shirts with breast pockets, shoulder lapels, strapless and one shouldered styles. Use patterns and lighter colours such as horizontal stripes and polka dots to draw the eye upwards. Higher necks will also accentuate the bust.

Trousers - Go for softer, drapey fabrics preferably and straight leg or slightly wider leg styles to skim and flatter the hips and thighs. Flat fronted, thicker waist band styles will flatten the tummy and choose darker tones to give a minimised look to the legs. Pinstripes or vertical detailing will help to slim the thighs.

Skirts - A line skirts in a structured fabric will balance the top half. Like trousers, opt for darker toning than your tops.

Dresses - Dresses that are A lined (like skirts) will help to skim and flatter the hips/thigh area. Opt for styles that match with the top styles mentioned above.

Jackets - Go for styles with shoulder lapels, slightly puff shoulders or detailing on shoulders and chest. Breast pockets will accentuate the bust and jackets that are nipped at the waist will draw the eye to your top half and away from your bottom half.

Accessories - Wear bright, interesting necklaces or brooches to make a statement and keep the top half busy to draw the eye upwards.

Avoid - Clingy, tight fabrics around the hips / thighs. Bootleg jeans as they often are tighter on the thigh. Tight fitting pencil skirts, pockets on the hips, horizontal / check patterns on your bottom half. 


You lucky thing! This body type has curves in the right places and is quite balanced. Your objective is to flatter and accentuate your small waist and use fabrics to glide over your curves.

Tops - If you have a fuller bust you may like to minimise it by choosing low, v-neck styles. Cowl, scoop, sweetheart and wrap tops are all great for you. Peplum (green one above) is fantastic for really enhancing your waist and tops that gather or tie at the waist are perfect for you.

Trousers - Soft fabrics that slightly flare at the bottom, boot cut, skinny and wide legged are all great too and flat fronted with a side zip work well. Pinstripes are great to elongate your legs.

Skirts - A-line, pleated & pencil all work well and styles that kick out at the bottom look fab.

Dresses - Wrap styles that tie at the waist are perfect along with shirt styles, ruched and shift styles.

Jackets - Softly tailored, nipped at the waist or belted at the waist.

Accessories - Belts are your best friend and really enhance your fabulous waistline. If you are more busty, opt for V style, longer necklaces to break up the chest area.

Avoid - Shapeless shift style dresses, high necked tops if you are busty (this will enhance and make your boobs appear bigger). Clothing that swamps your figure


With the Wedge (or Inverted Triangle), the objective is to minimise the broader shoulder and create balance by enhancing your hips.

Tops - Opt for deep, angular necklines such as V-necks or low cowl styles to slim the shoulders. Choose tops with wider straps rather than halter neck or spaghetti/thin straps. Darker toning than your bottom half.

Trousers - To balance out the wider shoulder line, choose slightly flared or wider leg styles in a lighter colour or with detailing to detract from your top half. Side pockets are perfect for adding more bulk to the hips and horizontal patterns (such as check) are good for creating width to this area.

Skirts - A-line or those with a flare in a structured fabric will balance out the wider shoulder. Try patterns or lighter colours to attract the attention away from the shoulders.

Dresses - Dresses that flare at the bottom will balance the shoulders. Opt for structured fabrics or pleated styles and side pockets. Shirt style dresses and wrap styles.

Jackets - Crisp, structured jackets with soft shoulders. Fitted, v-neck and nipped at the waist to balance out the shoulders. Stick to single breasted to slim the top half. Slim lapels.

Accessories - Long line necklaces are best to draw the eye down and away from shoulder area. 

Avoid - Shoulder pads (I cut them out!), shoulder detailing/lapels, double breasted jackets, cap sleeves, puff sleeves, halternecks, boat neck tops, horizontal stripes to shoulder area.


The Apple generally has a fuller tummy and no defined waist so the objective is to disguise this area and glide over your curves to flatter without creating bulk and to enhance your great pins!

Tops - Opt for low V, cowl, sweetheart or curved necklines in soft or floaty fabrics. Drop waist, tunics and wrap styles that are not waisted. Empire line styles that glide over the tummy.

Trousers - Soft fabrics that flare at the bottom and straight leg styles. Usually the Apple has great legs so you may want to show them off by also choosing bootleg and slim styles. Flat fronted, plain & thicker waist bands with no bulkiness.

Skirts - A-line and kick out bottoms help to balance the curves.

Dresses - Wrap styles, drop waist and A-line along with Empire line styles that glide over the tummy.

Jackets - Softly tailored, fitted jackets work best. Slightly longer in length to disguise the tummy with soft necklines and lapels.

Accessories - A long line V style works best depending on your bust size

Avoid - Clothing that creates bulk around your tummy. Tight, clingy fabrics, belts and tight ties.

So ladies, when it comes to dressing for your body type, it really comes down to creating balance. Enhancing the areas you love and disguising the bits you don't. When shopping and choosing clothes it's a great idea to take some notes, (especially if you have already worked out your body shape) from here so that you can try on the styles that you know should suit your figure. 

Don't forget that fabric can also come into play and choosing either more structured or floaty can really make a difference.

As a stylist, I think it's so important that a client can make the best of what she has and showing her how to flatter her figure is brilliant. 

When it comes down to it, we all have body parts that we don't exactly love, it's human nature, but to have the knowledge in knowing what works and doesn't work is half the battle. Who wants to spend time focusing on the bits they don't like when actually having the option of putting on the correct styles can be a game changer?

Hopefully this has all made sense and given you some clarity on what styles are the best for your figure. Be open to trying the styles suggested and see what it can do for your figure and your confidence.


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