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Hi everyone and a very happy Australia Day to my Aussie mates down under. For those that don't know the Aussie culture, this day is a celebration of what it is to be Australian. There are bbq's (barbies as we say) held in most back gardens, parks and of course the beach. People get together to celebrate with a menu usually consisting of the great Aussie staple, lamb chops or lamb in some form, prawns (we actually do NOT call them 'shrimps'), lots of beer and of course what Australia Day would be complete without a good old game of back yard cricket? Not that I ever played! 

So, moving on (that first paragraph obviously has nothing to do with Styling as you will have gathered), I want to discuss the most common body types with you. I feel that it's really important, especially after the age of 40, to dress according to your body shape. Wouldn't you be more confident knowing that everything you put on is accentuating your good bits and hiding your not so good bits? 

For years I thought my body type was an Hourglass but I've come to realise that I am actually a mix of Hourglass and Wedge. Although I have big boobs and a defined waist, my shoulders are actually slightly wider than my hips. 

So ladies, in your underwear (or some fitted leggins & tshirt), look in a full length mirror and see which shape you are against my examples below. Do remember, we are all different and unique and you can actually be a mixture like me. 

Once you understand your structure and proportions it really helps when shopping for clothing as: 

1. You will have more understanding of the things that don't work so you can avoid them when browsing.

2.  It's so much easier when looking in the stores to know what works for your body type and what doesn't. 

3. Shopping can be done more effectively, especially if you are a 'get in and get out' type of shopper. Plus, you won't be tempted to make the wrong choices which is always great for the wardrobe and the budget.

5 Common Body Types 
Characteristics of the Rectangle:

  • No defined waist
  • Hips same width as shoulders
  • Less curvy, more angular
  • Average or smaller bust 
Characteristics of the Pear:
  • Hips are wider than the shoulders
  • Average or smaller bust
  • Saddlebags at top of thigh
  • Wide bottom
Characteristics of Hourglass:
  • Hips, shoulders and bust almost the same width
  • A well defined waist
  • Curvy and full bust
Characteristics of  Wedge (or Inverted Triangle):
  • Shoulders are wider than hips
  • Bust is fuller or larger
  • Narrow or small hips
Characteristics of Apple:
  • No defined waist
  • Weight around the stomach and middle of the body
  • Average bust size

So how did you go? Did you determine which body type is most suited to your own figure? If you are particularly tall or petite your body will still fit into these categories.

As I say to my clients, it's all about achieving the most flattering look that accentuates your strengths and hiding what you don't like along with creating a balance of your proportions. 

So next time ladies, I will go through each body type and offer advice on how to dress for each one. Thanks for reading.

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