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How to Find Your Style Personality

I touched on this in the first blog back in November but now I want to help you to find your style personality. Working with clients during a personal styling session, I have found that most women struggle to know what style really suits them and works according to their personality.

If you think about it, clothing should reflect your unique personality and understanding how to bring the two together so that you feel comfortable and confident really is key. 

It might be an idea to write down a few words that describe your personality, how would you currently describe it? Do you feel that your style really reflects you as a person?

Now see My Top 12 Style Personalities below to see if you can choose what style is YOU! 

Maybe you are more than one clear cut style type, I think most of us are a mixture, but looking at my examples may help you to decide which look  you are attracted to and fits with you. 

Let me know in the 'Comments' line below what you discovered, I would love to hear how you went!

  My Top 12 Style Personalities

1.  Natural & Casual

     You tend to like to keep your style simple, relaxed and always quite casual. You feel most     comfortable wearing jeans, joggers, simple dresses, t-shirts and a great pair of trainers or     low heeled shoes. This style personality is quite minimal so keeping your make-up and         accessories to a minimum works best for you. The idea of dressing up or a formal event can scare the life out of you!

2. Classic

A Classic style is timeless!  Probably the more popular of styles, especially for women over 40, all of us have some of these pieces in our wardrobes. These items include tailored trousers, pencil skirts, fitted blazer, smart jacket, cardigans, smart shirts and high heels. Always liking a neat and tidy look, the Classic personality likes to look groomed and well put together.

3. Sporty

Now this doesn't just have to relate to women that work in the fitness industry as this style of clothing could be a uniform but the Sporty style personality feels most confident in this cool, casual look. You are attracted to sports brand items with logo's, leggins, comfy trainers and footwear. You could be attracted to this style for the comfort factor. I know this seems to be my daily style more for the lifestyle factor as I attend the gym and dog walk most days.  Whilst I love to feel comfy I also enjoy a more feminine style for going out.

4. Corporate & Formal 

 This style is commonly found more in a work or corporate lifestyle. You may love the structure and tailored look of what you wear such as trousers, blazers and business style shirts. You like to look sharp and ready for business all the time, even  in your down time. I remember a past client of mine who even at weekends could not break out of this look and almost her entire wardrobe consisted of these items. The problem was she was only in her early 30's and I felt she was making herself appear older than her years.

5. Edgy & Rock Chick

If you have a wild side to your personality this could be you! You love this style as it fits in with your edginess and coolness. Who knew hey?
You like to reveal your inner rock chick and choose a mix of leather, suede, animal print, skinny jeans, studs, zips, chains, tassells and a cool rock t-shirt. A leather biker jacket is invaluable for this look and goes with just about everything. .

6. Vintage

A love of all things antique and 'oldy worldy' describes this Vintage style. You are attracted to the styles of clothing from past decades, especially the 40's, 50's and 60's with full skirts, petticoats, and antique accessories. Red lips, false eyelashes and beehive hair styles combined with femininity are your attraction and you love to feel womanly.

7. Sexy & Glamorous

You love to be glamorous and show some skin. This style personality can be confident with their body and is happy to wear figure hugging styles. Showing off your figure and attracting attention doesn't phase you and you are happiest dressing up to the nine's with full make-up, sexy clothing, accessories and of course some spanking high heels.

8. Preppy College Style

This style reminds me of American teen college films. Your style is quite conservative and you don't like to show a lot of skin. You like jeans, chinos, tailored trousers, shirts, polo t-shirts, blazers and college style sweaters and jumpers. Brogues and closed in footwear are your staple but you can be a bit quirky also with hats and eye wear.

9. Feminine & Pretty

Feminine is the rule here. You embrace being a woman and love looking pretty and polished. From head to toe you like to look stylish, neat and tidy. You enjoy dressing up, love wearing make-up and are attracted to lace, silk, satin, sequins, ruffles, flowers and of course some bling in your accessories. This style personality oozes romance and elegance.

10. Masculine


This is a simple, quite manly style and you may love the idea of wearing a trouser suit more than you would a dress. You may have quite a strong personality and have more of a male perspective or be in touch with your masculine side. This style sticks to trousers, shirts and jackets and keeps accessories to a minimum. A simple watch, stud earrings, plain necklace or even a neck tie are perfect accessories to compliment your outfit. Even though this is quite a masculine look, it can be made more feminine like Ashley (or is it Kate?) Olsen above.

11. Artistic & Creative


This style personality is the one I find least needs my help. Artistic and creative women tend to be quite confident with colour and seem to naturally have a good eye for what works and what doesn't. When you think about it, fashion designers fall into this style personality category. However, whilst you maybe great with colour and are attracted to unusual styles, a little assistance never goes astray in knowing how to incorporate sometimes some mad clothing styles with your body type.

12. Boho & Hippy

 Women with this style personality love free flowing movement and colour in clothing. You may want to non-conform to Classic or the other styles when it comes to dressing, preferring to wear whatever takes your fancy at the time. Maxi or peasant skirts, caftans, lacey tops, tassells with lots of long line beads and necklaces are your thing.

Now, if you are like most women, you will have more than one set style that you gravitate towards. That's fantastic as it makes you more versatile with what you can wear. For me, I gravitate towards Classic, Feminine and Boho in the summer months but LOVE a bit of Rock Chick! 

How about you? What above style personality do you think you fit into and do you currently wear them? Or, is there anything above you definitely would never wear? I would love to hear your comments below.

Remember ladies,dressing should be fun and always opt for the styles that you feel reflect the true you.  

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  1. Feminine & Pretty + BoHo & Hippy are my favourites - but realised I have items in most categories....must depend on how I feel on the day or where I'm heading perhaps? 😊

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, like I mentioned I think the majority of us definitely have a combination in our wardrobes, its great to be versatile!

  2. Interesting post, Nic. So hard to pin down a style, but I think I'm a mix of Natural, Pretty and Vintage. Depends on the day and the season!

    1. Hi Two Aprons! Thanks so much for reading and your comment. Yes, you are definitely a Natural but I also see you as Preppy style in there as well. The all American gal ❤️.
      I think when it comes to 'Finding Your Personal Style', its about knowing which of the styles you wouldn't or shouldn't choose and avoiding them to ensure you feel confident in all of your chosen outfits. 👗👍🏻