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Here in the UK, Friday the 16th is Christmas Jumper Day. Wearing your craziest jumper and making a donation toward the charity Save the Children helps raise money for poverty stricken and sick children abroad. What a fantastic cause and a great excuse to go a bit crazy and pull on your pullover?

Besides Christmas Jumper Day and this fantastic cause, wearing a Christmas jumper seems to be a bit of a 'thing' here in England. Up until this year I hadn't actually ever owned a Christmas jumper but as my son needed one also for school this Friday I thought I would join in on the craziness and grabbed this one from Primark (or as I like to call it Primarni!).

If you aren't too keen on being 'crazy' and prefer something a bit more feminine to wear for your Christmas gatherings, there are lots of options available from most high street stores and I've suggested a few here for you; 

Not forgetting my Aussie readers 'down under', I've attached a couple of examples of Christmas t-shirts from good old Target.  A jumper is definitely out of the question at this time of the year in Oz. Unless you want to end up roasted like the Christmas dinner turkey I would definitely opt out of wearing a Christmas jumper!

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