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Winter Coats

Brrrrrr! Here in the UK the temperature is slowly diving. If you are like me and are looking for a great new Winter coat, here are some suggestions from Warehouse . I really love Warehouse for their fashionable, 'modern woman' pieces and lately they have added some really funky & edgier styles to their collection.

I especially love this grey, scarf style below as it is great for warming the neck area (I always find I get a cold neck!) plus the long scarf creates a bit of an angular style.

Camel is really on trend and current this Autumn / Winter and particularly suits a 'warm' complexion and colouring. Once again a great funnel neck style, plus the tie waist really enhances the waist and streamlines your figure. I think this one is nice and fitted and with the tie waist it adds a bit of femininity.

More of a masculine style coat, this stone coloured, longer length style covers the knees for extra warmth. Whilst double-breasted styles are best avoided if you have a larger bust, as this one has a 'deep V' neckline it 'cuts into' the chest area and will work on all body types.

Personally, I find that a 'puffer' style really is the warmest of coats. Whether you choose a long-line style or a shorter style, fur hood like this one, they really do help to keep the wind out. More of a casual style but definitely a 'practical' option for the freezing temps!

'Coatigans', capes and shawl styles are very IN this season and this one is great for wrapping up. If, like me, you can't stand any 'flopping or flapping' around, try fastening with a pretty brooch OR, if the length is long enough, wear with a belt. Perfect with layering over a turtle neck jumper and you can even wear over a coat for extra warmth.

How to Choose the Best Coat to Flatter Your Body Type

Here I will just touch on a couple of Body Types for coat styles. I will be explaining and defining more Body Types later on another blog but for now this should give you a bit of insight into how to choose the most flattering style.

During my time working with clients, I have found the most common body types or body shapes are the Pear and what I call the Wedge or Inverted Triangle. Body types are all about the proportions or how the body is made up or 'put together' and these two body types are based on the 'Horizontal' proportions which is the width of shoulders and hips (the widest part).

Pear - Narrower shoulders to hips

It's all about balancing the figure so coats and tops should enhance the shoulders but minimise the hips. Try coats with shoulder detailing, shoulder pads and epaulettes which help to broaden the shoulder. Military style coats are HUGE this season and are perfect for this body type as they usually contain shoulder detailing with epaulettes and quite often buttons on the shoulder.

If your chest is on the smaller side (quite common with a Pear shaped figure), go for double-breasted style as this will add more width to your top half. To avoid enhancing the hip area, keep away from coats (or skirts & dresses also) that cling to the hip and top of thigh as this will draw attention to this area.

Both from www.zara.com

Wedge - Broader Shoulders to Hips

So, this body type is the opposite to the Pear. As a Wedge you want to create balance and avoid enhancing the shoulders. Avoid shoulder epaulettes, puff sleeves, embellishment, shoulder buttons (like on some Military style coats) and thicker shoulder pads. You want to keep your shoulder area as plain as possible, more streamlined.If you do find a great coat/jacket but it has shoulder pads, try and remove them from the inside lining. 

This is something I try to do on my blazers and jackets as I have this body type and it makes such a difference. As for the bottom half, choosing an A-line, slightly flared style works best. Coats with a belt cinched at the waist will create a nice silhouette and with the lower half of the coat slightly flared this will balance the shoulders



What Length Should You Choose?

When it comes to coat lengths, it really depends on your 'vertical' proportions. If you are on the petite or shorter side (this is classed as 5ft 3" and below) you may find full length coats drown or swamp you. Also, the 'cocoon' style coat will do the same as these tend to be quite roomy or baggy. Whereas, if you are taller than petite, you may find a longer line coat can work totally fine. This style coat is especially fab on taller ladies but if you have quite a rectangular or 'straight up and down' body type this could enhance a taller frame and look a bit shapeless.

Most often the best length to choose is the same as if you are choosing a dress. Think about it, a coat is similar to a dress in that it is one piece of fabric that can disguise and hide your proportions. As I would suggest with dresses, the rule of thumb is knee or just below is perfect for most body types. But if a shorter style of coat is what you are looking for, it all depends on if you want to enhance or disguise the hip area. For a Pear shape, you may want to opt for a length just below the hip line and for a Wedge shape, a slightly flared style with a length finishing just above or at hip line will enhance the hips.

Well girls, I hope some of these Styling tips come in handy. I also hope you can now choose your new winter coat with ease. Remember, its a great idea to browse the Internet before heading out to the high street. A bit of home pre-shopping can be really useful (especially as I know many of you hate shopping!) and a great time saver. Take screen shots from your mobile/Ipad of some styles you really like so that if you can't see the item straight away in store you can ask and show them what you are looking for. I do this especially when heading to Zara. It can be quite overwhelming in there, so huge and so much to search for (and always, sooooo busy on a weekend!).

Good luck and happy coat shopping!

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