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Empowering you with Style & Beauty Knowledge plus Solutions......

Contrary to belief, seeing a Style & Beauty Coach (otherwise also known as a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant) is NOT just for rich people, famous celebrities or young, trendy women. This is a service I believe every woman can benefit from and it can really be an empowering and confidence building experience that you will remember for years to come.

I get it, many women can feel anxious or even scared about having someone like me come into their home, going through their clothing , it is a very personal thing. Many women even struggle to look at themselves in a mirror and I know this can be very confronting for many. However, my approach is ALWAYS a very relaxed and informal one and I am here to help my clients feel comfortable in every aspect of the process. I really understand your body issues and hang ups and I will be there every step of the way to guide you and encourage you without being judgemental or forceful. Believe me, my past clients have loved my sessions and have commented how much fun and enlightening the experience has been.


Why shouldn't you learn how to dress stylishly and wear fabulous colours that enhance your complexion and help you appear fresh and youthful?

Why shouldn't you have the opportunity to experience a more organised, structured and interesting wardrobe that you happily open every morning knowing that the outfit you select is flattering your fabulous figure giving you a daily confidence boost?

And, why shouldn't you have an opportunity to learn about skincare and make up techniques that help your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and help you feel radiant on a daily basis?

The answer of course is you DO deserve to feel inspired and feel beautiful no matter who you are.

Just imagine having a structured, organised wardrobe that gives you clarity and rewards you with the feeling of satisfaction and greater confidence knowing that you look and feel stylish every day! 

Ladies, if you have always wondered about seeing a Stylist but are unsure what the process involves please read more in my About, Services and Client Reviews pages above for more information.  Or, if you prefer to chat in person  you can also get in touch for your FREE 15 minute phone or Skype consultation. 

Nicola x